Terms & Conditions

Copyright and Quality Control:

1. The full copyright for all images taken within the booked session remains the sole and exclusive property of Fairyland Photography.

2. Images purchased are to be used for personal display only. They are not to be scanned, copied or duplicated or altered in any manner. Clients cannot authorize any reproductions of images for commercial use, personal use, for photographic competition or display.

3. All photos purchased have been individually processed, colour corrected and enhanced to bring the image to its full potential. All work is performed on a fully calibrated system, and printed by a carefully selected professional lab. All prints are quality checked before being presented to the client to ensure that they are of a high standard, both in printing and in colour.

4. Small scratches, bruises and other transient blemishes may be removed during processing, unless they are specifically requested left in. This does depend on the amount of work required, and is not guaranteed to be performed. Freckles, birthmarks, and other apparent permanent blemishes will be left as they are unless it is specifically requested they are removed. An editing fee may apply.

5. It is expected that in booking Fairyland Photography you have an understanding of the photographer’s style. While she is happy to attempt to take on board client requests, no commitment is made to create and present any specific image or variation in processing.

Your Session:

1. Payment of the session fee is expected within 7 days of booking the session to reserve your selected day. This fee is non-refundable.

2. Fairyland Photography does not allow the use of any cameras or recording devices outside of that being used by the photographer during the course of the session.

3. Rescheduling of shoots is at the discretion of Fairyland Photography.  In the event that illness or other unforeseen circumstances arise, the client may reschedule the session, although maximum notice is appreciated (limit of 1 reschedule per client).

4. Should a session be cancelled with no plans to reschedule, booking fees will not be refunded. Failure to appear on the day of the session will result in the forfeit of your booking fee.

5. Re-shoots are at the discretion of Fairyland Photography. They occur only in situations where the photographer believes the she has not been able to complete what she needs to provide a full gallery of images to the client. Regrettable choices of clothing or hairstyle by clients do not fall into this category, nor does uncooperative or reluctant behavior from children over the ages of 5 or adults taking part in the shoot.

Gallery, Ordering and Payments:

1. Your passworded gallery will be made available online for one week. Your order is required to be placed in the following week. Extension of online galleries will incur a fee of $75 per week.

2. There is a minimum product purchase of $225 required for Mobile sessions. Additional to the session fee.

3. Prices remain set from the time of booking for a period ending 6 weeks after the presentation of the session gallery. Orders placed after this period will be charged at the current rates for that time.

4. Images shown in your gallery will have minimal editing applied. Any images you choose to have printed will be fully edited and processed in the style of Fairyland Photography.

5. After initial proofs are agreed upon, only 2 changes per proof will be permitted. Additional alterations will be charged at $60 per hour.

6. Purchases require a minimum 30% deposit (due within 30 days of the portrait session) with the balance payable on delivery. Alternatively a payment plan option is available (at our discretion, terms and conditions apply) for orders over $500 with payments made over an 8 week period. Payment plans are conducted via credit card only. Once placed, orders cannot be stopped, altered or separated under any circumstances.

7. All sales are final. Due to the custom nature of portrait photography, items ordered are not returnable. There will be strictly no refund for digital items.

8. Images will be stored for 6 weeks. All care is made to ensure suitable storage of archived images but outside of the first month, Fairyland Photography cannot hold any responsibility for loss of images through circumstances outside their control such as equipment failure.

9. Please allow up to 6 weeks after your order is finalized to receive delivery of your prints. Specialty items such as canvases, mounts, albums and books may take up to 8 weeks.

10. If you fail to place an order within the alotted time of 30 days, you will be issued an invoice for the minimum order value of $225. Plus a pro rata rate of $60 per hour for any proofing/mockups completed.

My commitment:

1. In the event that Vanessa Petri/Fairyland Photography is unable to comply with the above terms and conditions through circumstances outside her control, such as ill health, mechanical failure, theft or accident, liability is limited to monies paid only. Where the situation entails loss of images, Fairyland Photography will offer the client a choice between a re-shoot or a full refund of monies paid.