I need Chocolate.
— Me

Hi I’m Vanessa

and I’m a chocoholic.

I’m also the photographer, artist, owner and Fairy Godmother here at Fairyland Photography.

If you’re an Outlander or Supernatural fan, can we be best friends?

Here’s a recent family photo of my daughter and I with my new husband and his brother……..
I wish!
(You may also know them as Sam & Dean Winchester from Supernatural )


Do you love chocolate…..? I love chocolate!
Do you go to Coles to buy said chocolate in your Ugg boots? Me too !


I’m a hopeless night owl, which I regret each morning and most days my hairstyle could be classed as “homeless chic”.


Now seriously….do you believe in fairies? Would you love a magical piece of wall art which perfectly depicts their personality, innocence, imagination and wonder?

If you’re here, then there’s a good chance you do. Awesome.

I love photographing cheeky kids with a sense of mischief, they’re always good for a laugh and the quieter, shy whimsical ones are a delight to photograph. Like these adorable siblings !


Would you love a photo with your fairy? I have a collection of very flattering Corsets that hold everything in (and up) and beautiful long flowy skirts (which hide your legs….that I know you haven’t shaved in 2 months cos it’s Winter) and they range in size from ladies 8 to 24. I’m also pretty damn good at Photoshop, so if anything is sticking out where it shouldn’t…I’ll wave my magic wand and fix it! I also have a selection of beautiful handmade dresses for your little fairy to twirl around in, and I can fix her gappy smile.


After you’ve put the kids to bed for the 3rd time, make yourself a cuppa, or pour yourself a wine and have a browse through my gallery. And before your baby girl pierces her nose and starts listening to Justin Bieber (NOOOOO!!!!) book a no obligation 5 minute chat with me via the button below, and we can talk about making some perfect memories of your perfect little fairy.


Would you like to have a chat about booking a session for you and your kiddies?
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“…The images are absolutely stunning, in fact they are just perfect. The photos capture a once in a life time memory and will provide years of enjoyment that are simply one of a kind….”