Are you too busy for photos ?

Remember when you couldn’t wait for your baby girl to say “Mumma”…...then you blinked and 3 years later Santa gave her that Elsa dress (that she wore EVERYWHERE) and she sang “Let it go” eleventy billion times?? (good one, Santa)

Or when it was her first day at Kindy. You dropped her off at the gate then went and cried in the car for an hour…..

The sad truth is, time waits for no one.


Right now, she believes everything that you tell her…. Like Unicorns are real, Fairies live in the garden,
and red wine is Mummy’s “medicine”.

You need to capture that innocence NOW!

How amazing will it be to look back in 5 years time at the beautiful artpieces you had done today? It will be even more precious in 20 years time when they’re all grown up!

I understand. I know you’re just so busy.

There’s bills to pay and she’s just lost her front tooth! You’d even love a photo with her but you need to lose 10kgs, you have nothing to wear and your cleavage left long ago with your sanity.

STOP. I’ve got you covered.

Click below for more wine...just kidding,
but I will explain how I can help you!


Hi, I’m Vanessa

And I will be your Fairy Godmother today…
Please fasten all fairy wings and prepare for take off!


 In case you need more convincing that now is THE perfect time to book a session with me,

Here’s a testimonial from another busy mum just like you...

You have provided me with amazing memories and I cannot wait for more photos in the future. Thanks a million Vanessa, your work is magic!
— Jordan H.


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PS. She'll only visit twice a month
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Also, she won't share your details with anyone else.
Fairies are good like that.

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